Silky Layers: Creating The Look

Silky Layers: Creating The Look Silky Layers: Creating The LookSilky Layers: Creating The Look DSC_37812 Silky Layers: Creating The Look Silky Layers: Creating The Look DSC_37602 DSC_3772 DSC_3792 Silky Layers: Creating The Look DSC_3844 Silky Layers: Creating The Look





A minimalist look with depth is not always easy to create but I wanted to achieve this and today I am sharing the result on

Not only did I want to create something minimalist with depth but also a look that felt feminine but not overly so and all whilst keeping it in tone with the summer. I started with the idea of teaming this cream coloured camisole top with my black wide leg trousers this almost seemed to encapsulate all the elements I wanted to pull into one look but it lacked in depth. I dont know if I have mentioned this camisole top before now but I bought it from the renewal section in Urban Outfitters and I think it cost me something like £19.99 and I have already worn it a lot and I just know it will be one of those inexpensive forever pieces. It is so easy to wear during the summer but hopefully it will look equally as cute layered in the autumn/winter months.


Back to the look, I took the top back off and put on my old Stella McCartney chemise (last worn here) I liked it but it wasn’t enough and so the camisole went back on but the length difference between top and dress was just that tad bit off. Knowing that these were the pieces that I wanted in my look and liking how these silky layers looked together, I added in another element, my lace bra and tucked in one side of the dress to my trousers. This created layers and therefor the depth I wanted and got rid of the length problem between the two pieces. I let the straps of the dress fall off my shoulder and this only worked because the cami prevented them from falling too far. I did finalise the look with a beige/brown blazer but I liked the outfit both with and without the blazer and so we took shots of both.


I hope you enjoy the look.

Take care,

Daniella xox








My Outfit:

  • (old) Topshop boutique Blazer
  • Urban Outfitters Cami Top
  • (old) Stella McCartney Chemise
  • (old) Raoul Trousers
  • Newbark Slides


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