Throwback: Birthday Photo Diary

Welcome to my Birthday photo Diary

Throwback: Birthday Photo Diary Throwback: Birthday Photo Diary



I thought I would just share a few of my favourite shots that were taken last Friday and over the weekend on both my camera and iPhone in celebration of my birthday. Friday the 1st of July was my birthday and it was spent indulging in some rather yummy meals. Starting with croissants and fresh fruit for breakfast, finger sandwiches, followed by scones with clotted cream and jam with Pimms in the afternoon and then a beautiful meal at my favourite restaurant in town with my love in the evening. Yes, good food and white roses is a great way to getting in my good books. I received some lovely gifts too and I will try and share them here on very soon.


On the Saturday, we kept it low key with just a small family Bbq with my favourite people. The Boyf cooked up the food whilst us girlies made the cocktails. Ah the cocktails, my kryptonite so it seems. See I am not a big drinker, the occasions in where I drink are few and far between and so needless to say, I am very much a lightweight. Mix the fact that I am lightweight with some cheap tequila and my ability to drink like a fish when it comes to cocktails, then you my dears have yourselves a rather happy, drunk Lella! I’ll admit I was a little foolish with how much I consumed that night and boy did I pay for it the next day, I have literally never experienced a hangover like it before but I had such a good time and so I cant be too regretful.


I hope you like my birthday photo diary

Best wishes,

Daniella xox


bday-23 Throwback: Birthday Photo Diary DSC_7156 Throwback: Birthday Photo Diary DSC_6914














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