90’s Boyband Vibes: Styling CAT Footwear

Boyband Vibes: Styling Caterpillar Boots DSC_5188 DSC_51762 DSC_5280 DSC_5235 Boyband Vibes: Styling Caterpillar Boots DSC_50952 DSC_5248 Boyband Vibes: Styling Caterpillar Boots DSC_51172 DSC_5160




Dressed like a 90s boyband member, it seems that all I am missing here is some rain pouring down on me and possibly in slow mo! I don’t know why I keep dressing like I’m in a 90s pop band (check out my somewhat Spice Girl moment Here) and especially when 90s girl/boy bands are usually mocked for there horrendous outfits but here I am doing my minimalist take on the questionable style. Do you think I pull it off? Not to be big headed here but I actually really like how this look turned out, I don’t know if will be one of those “forever looks” or how I will feel about it a year on from now but at this moment i’m happy with the proportions, colours and just the overall vibe of the outfit.

The shirt is mega old, I bought it from Topshop when ( I think) Preen first collaborated with them. I loved at first but then I went of the colour and put it away for a few years. Now its back and I have another outfit idea for the shirt that I hope to shoot very soon. Styled with my Dr Denim jeans (last seen Here) and these Caterpillar boots which I was sent to style. I have another pair of Cat boots that I love wearing but they’ve kinda got rather scruffy since having our puppy – Koko and so I was very much in need of a new pair, a pair that I could style into my outfits. I love these and mainly for their classic colour.

Take care lovelies,

Daniella xox





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