Mid-Week Outfit Post: Fitted Style

Mid-Week Outfit Post: Fitted Style Mid-Week Outfit Post: Fitted Style DSC_8772 Mid-Week Outfit Post: Fitted Style DSC_8880 DSC_8971 Mid-Week Outfit Post: Fitted Style Mid-Week Outfit Post: Fitted Style


Well, if you read mondays post, then you would have read that our internet has currently decided to take a vacation! A little warning would have been nice but I guess thats asking for too much. Humour is the only way I can deal with this. Apparently someone will be out on friday (hopefully sooner) to take a look at it. In the mean time I am just about managing to use my phone as a hotspot which is allowing me to write this post today. So my old iPhone is proving to be a rather reliable piece of equipment for me right now. Though I have had to move my computer from my room to our living room in the corner window because thats the only place it will pick up signal. This means my 1 year old nephew is on the loose and well, he has a rather big fascination with my computer, so needless to say the next few days will be interesting!


I do miss being able to catch up on all the blogpost from the blog that I follow and not to mention my unhealthy addiction to Instagram.I mean, if feels as though I have quit cold turkey. But thankfully I am managing to get signal just enough to upload photos to insta every so often, so thats good I guess. All in all it could have been worse and I grateful I am able to still get todays post out there with you today.


I hope you like todays look, I remember my boyfriend taking note that this look was far more fitted then my usual style. Times are changing people and yes fitted style are making a more regular appearance in my looks but oversized and baggy will always remain the more dominant fit because I like to feel comfortable.

Take care,

Daniella xox









My Outfit:

  • Topshop Top
  • Bruuns Bazaar Skirt
  • Topshop Bag
  • Selected Femme Boots



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