The High Waisted Trousers Worth The Trouble

The High Waisted Trousers Worth The Trouble The High Waisted Trousers Worth The Trouble DSC_0715 DSC_07652 The High Waisted Trousers Worth The Trouble DSC_0460  The High Waisted Trousers Worth The Trouble DSC_0771 DSC_0518 DSC_0430







I don’t think I need to write another blogpost expressing just how much I love this pink trench coat but then again it would completely justified if I did because this blush pink beauty is EVERYTHING!! I styled it with these high waisted trousers that I bought from Zara a while ago which have caused me a bit of grief and more money then I anticipated. First of all they were too long which I had honestly half expected as most trousers are usually too long for my 5’4 height! Then after trying them on I realised that they were also too big around my waist. Like, they didn’t fall to my ankles but they just didn’t sit at the height that they were supposed to. So I took them to get altered and I ended up paying £30, ten pounds less then what I payed for the original price of the trousers. Unexpected costs can be annoying but that’s life and I really do like the trousers and especially now they’ve been tailored to fit me better. Its always worth taking clothes to a tailor if the fit isn’t right, or at least I believe that to be true. Do you tailor your clothes on occasion?

At the end of last week I caught the eye infection conjunctivitis. My nephews had contracted it previously and so I suppose I caught it from the little rascals. It’s not really that painful just along the lines of irritating! Just simple things like not being able to do make up or waking up and not being able to open my eyes because they are glued shut with god knows what?! Ooo nice thought for you there 😀 But after some eye drops from the pharmacy, it cleared up really well.

Anyway lovelies, have a great week and incase you missed it check out the outfit post I did for  Here

Take care,

Daniella xox





My Outfit:

  • Reiss pink Trench Coat – on sale Here
  • Urban Outfitters Top – similar Here &  Here
  • Zara Trousers – love these Here & Here
  • Topshop Bag – similar Here
  • Newbark Slides – love this – Here
  • Chanel Sunglasses
  • Margaret Howell Sacrf

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4 thoughts

  1. In the winter I bought a pink coat that I was pretty obsessed with,so I can understand why you love this so much. This entire outfit also looks so comfy with ease to wear, I reckon, it would be perfect for a holiday stroll. Love the nail varnish as well. 🙂 /Madison xx


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