My Off The Shoulder Top Bargain

My Off The Shoulder Top Bargain My Off The Shoulder Top Bargain My Off The Shoulder Top Bargain DSC_65592 My Off The Shoulder Top Bargain DSC_6432 DSC_6424 My Off The Shoulder Top Bargain DSC_66692 DSC_6537 DSC_6363 DSC_63912 My Off The Shoulder Top Bargain






I have undoubtedly been rather lucky with some of the bargains I’ve got my hand on over the last couple of years. This white off the shoulder top is from Topshop and I picked it up in the mid-season sale. I had seen it once but walked away from it, as I wasn’t sure if the want to buy it was an impulsive one, as the want to purchase something quite so often is. Anyway the week following I couldn’t stop thinking about it but I thought surely it had probably sold, I know thats a rather pessimistic attitude to have but I just thought it was beautiful top and so someone must have snapped it up. I went back the weekend after and I couldn’t believe it was still there! The top was reduced from forty something pounds down to twenty five pounds. I had to try it on though as it was a size bigger then my usual size and even though that isn’t always a problem but with an off the shoulder style, it could be disastrous, nipples would be exposed!

So I tired it on and it fitted me rather perfectly! Great I thought and went to the till, the lady scanned it and the price read £5.00! I thought to myself “i’m not going to say a thing” payed for the top and got outta there, just incase it was a mistake! But I don’t think it was and so here I am wearing my bargain in todays post. I chose to layer it as it just hasn’t really reached the idea temperatures to wear it with bare arms but i’m sure that will come soon enough. And anyway I enjoyed doing something a little bit different with one of the must-have styles of the season.

I hope  you like the look.

Take care,

Daniella xox




My Outfit:

  • Topshop Off the shoulder top – similar Here
  • (old) Zara zip up sweater- similar Here
  • (old) Marks & Spencers shirt – love this Here
  • Topshop Jeans – Here, & similar Here
  • Newbark leather slides – love these Here, Here
  • Vintage bag
  • Chanel Sunglasses – love these Here, Here & Here



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2 thoughts

  1. Haha, what a bargain, and I totally get you. This has only happened to me a couple of times for fashion pieces, and I though the same, “better dash out quickly” before they realise it’s a mistake. This is such an interesting way to wear the top, and you look lovely Daniella. Such a stunning piece. ❤ /Madison
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