Blogger Style Focus: Kirby Joanna


Blogger Style Focus: Kirby Joanna



It’s been a long time since I did a blogpost focusing on blogger style and so for Thursday’s post I thought I would introduce you to Kirby from the Kirby Joanna blog! I’ve followed Kirby on Instagram for a while now and recently clicked to look at her blog. I chose to share Kirby’s style because I simply love her authentic and unique sense of style. Kirby clearly has an eye for beautiful vintage pieces which she styles into her looks in such a cool way. That’s it actually, i’m trying to figure out a way to explain how I see her style that doesn’t include the usual style label’s because it deserves far more then that but I think I figured it out in my previous sentence. Kirby’s style is cool. I know that may sound simple but I really do just find her style insanely cool.

I adore how she rocks a floor length, red lace dress with some round frame sunnies and tousled locks! Can we also just take a moment for those dusty, rose pink velvet trousers…..then to top them off she teams with a crop top and blazer, I mean does it actually get any chicer?! I am also drawn to the way she photographs her looks. I find them refreshing, full of character and perfectly sets the tone for Kirby’s cool and edgy style.



Above all, I get the sense when I read Kirby’s posts, that she has a deep, inquisitive and creative soul. She has a true eye for style and detail and I don’t believe for a minute she even contemplates “fashion” or “trends” I feel like it goes way deeper then that for her. Maybe i’m wrong and I certainly don’t want to sit and pretend I know Kirby on a personal level whatsoever because I don’t.

Either way her blog and Instagram is a destination I enjoy visiting and look forward to seeing more.

I hope Β you enjoyed todays post lovelies and let me know if you’ve got any blogger suggestions, that you think is worth checkin out!

Daniella xox



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