A Baby Spice Nineties Flashback

A Baby Spice Nineties Flashback DSC_4930 DSC_5088 DSC_4957 A Baby Spice Nineties Flashback A Baby Spice Nineties Flashback A Baby Spice Nineties Flashback DSC_50722 DSC_4901





I feel like my look here is nineties schoolgirl who’s favourite girlband remember is baby spice! I, like most young girls in 1996 LOVED the spice girls! In fact i’m not going to lie, I would still happily listen to their songs…. oh f**k it i’m You tubing “Wannabe” right now! I was always Baby spice and occasionally i’d dabble with Sporty. In fact according to my 6 year old self Baby spice was my cousin or at least this would be the story I would tell my friends in the school yard. Though that got trumped by one girl who took it further and said that baby spice was her sister! Even my 6 year old self knew that this girl had taken it too far, at least my lie might of just about been believable! 😀


Speaking of my childhood, I remember my sister and I having a dress up box. Maybe you had one too? The box had the odd fancy dress costume, probably from past halloweens and then it would have a few of mums old clothes, bags and shoes that were always a challenge to walk in. I always loved playing dress up and playing different characters, it was fun for me and when I think about it not much has changed. We are lucky to live in a time where trends don’t necessarily dictate to us what we must wear. We have many decades to choose from and thanks to vintage shops as well as designers and brands who are often inspired to bring back a time gone by with a fresh and innovative approach, we really do have the luxury to channel whatever or whoever we want to. I’m not saying don’t be yourself, I’m just saying that there is nothing wrong with connecting to your inner child and having a little fun and imagination with your style from time to time but of course in a more thought out way. Obviously don’t you want you leaving the house looking like you fell into your kids fancy dress box!


Which Spice Girl were you?

Take care,

Daniella xox


My Outfit:

  • Topshop Bomber Jacket – Here
  • (old) Whistles Bodysuit – similar Here & also love this nude tee Here
  • Topshop Skirt – Here
  • (old) Whistles Boots – love these Here



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