A Different Kinda Vibe: In The Nude

A Different Kinda Vibe: In The Nude A Different Kinda Vibe: In The Nude DSC_71832 A Different Kinda Vibe: In The Nude DSC_7285 A Different Kinda Vibe: In The Nude DSC_71872 A Different Kinda Vibe: In The Nude DSC_71782 DSC_7247






Yes, lets state the obvious, this is me in my pants! I just wanted to do a photo shoot that was a little different to my usual person style posts! The photos were actually taken a while ago, as you might of noticed it was even before I had my fringe put in. So yeah, with the help of sister who took the photos and also did my make up, I tried creating a vibe that was something a little different for me. Big pants, what do you think of them? I originally bought these nude ones because I needed the right underwear to go underneath my slip dress ( the dress is rather quite see through) and so I bought these high waisted panties from good old Marks & Sparks. They aren’t completely seamless but I was happy enough with the result. Anyway I happen to think underwear like this is actually rather sexy, not necessarily in a purposeful seductive way but in a ah look me in my simple tee and high waisted pants just sat on the bed reading a magazine kinda way. You know? I don’t know, maybe you do, maybe you don’t.

Conan (boyfriend) on the other hand, well I get the impression high waist pants aren’t his thing at all! But that doesn’t stop me because it’s important for us ladies to do and wear what makes us feel good.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Daniella xox




  • Clyde Hat
  • Base Range Nude Tee
  • Marks & Spencers nude pants




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2 thoughts

  1. Yes, I think most guys are like that. My bf isn’t too keen on high-waisted pieces in general. I have a couple of high-waisted denim and wear them anyway, lol. You look great Daniella, and I think it’s always refreshing to do something different. Love that Base Range nude Tee, too! Enjoy the weekend. xx/Madison


    1. Thank you ever so much for your kind comment dear Madison. Yes, refreshing is the right word and i’m glad you thought so too. I hope you are well and enjoy the rest of your week 🙂 xx


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