New Chapter: My Spiritual Quest

New Chapter: My Spiritual Quest



So I am excited to share this news with you. I’ve started another blog!! Its called My Spiritual Quest and as you can probably guess its about spirituality and what that means to me. I am a very spiritual person, it’s a huge part of who I am and I have had wanted to share this part of me right here on LELLAVICTORIA.COM for quite some time but have never quite managed to do so. This is mainly because fashion and style can move so fast sometimes and even though I wanted to make a post about something spiritual, I always found a style related post would end up taking priority. I have also come to the decision that maybe that this has been a good thing because it’s ultimately lead me to making My Spiritual Quest.


The other reason I decided to create a spiritual blog is because I have to understand that crystals, Angels and spirit animals may not be suited to the readers of LELLAVICTORIA.COM. 😀 because lets face it this blog is about my personal style and my outlook on fashion. So it’s probably best to keep the two separate. Though i’m sure, at times, the two might intertwine just a little bit.

I really don’t expect anyone to start following or reading My Spiritual Quest, no not at all. This way of life is not for everyone and I honestly appreciate that. I just thought i’d share it with you to keep you up to date, like I do with a lot things. But if you do want to follow my new blog on Bloglovin Click Here


Thank you for reading.

Take care lovelies,

Daniella xox






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