Flared Sleeves & An Outfit Mishap

Flared Sleeves In Floral Print Flared Sleeves In Floral Print DSC_94982 Flared Sleeves In Floral Print DSC_9380 Flared Sleeves In Floral Print




It’s funny how last summer it was all about flared jeans and now it seems that flared sleeves have gotten to be the big hype! Some you will find are dramatic in their design and other’s more subtle. I love the dramatic flared sleeve styles, though its hard finding the right piece that has an acceptable price point. I think Zara seem to be doing some cool styles, so maybe will bare that in mind for future reference. I do by default tend to be put off styles that become quite “trend” driven just because remaining authentic in my personal style is something that is very important to me but at the same time why go against something I really like simply because its deemed “popular” or “of the moment”?! If it appeals to me and I can imagine it fitting in but also bringing something new to my wardrobe then ultimately that’s what matters, right?

As much as I like the dramatic flared sleeves that are around right now, I must also say that I really do adore the subtlety of the flaring on the sleeves of the blouse i’m wearing in todays post. It’s just enough, you know? I have been wearing this blouse a lot these last couple of months, it’s an effortlessly chic way to incorporate Spring into my wardrobe. Also don’t you just love it when your sock has tucked itself into your trousers?! I love it even more when your boyfriend continues to snap away and not even think to mention something as catastrophic as this. I posted them anyway because it emphasises a sense of reality. Sh*t happens and trousers tucked into your socks happens sometimes too. Who’s with me?

Take care lovelies and have a wonderful Friday,

Daniella xox







My Outfit:

  • Clyde Hat
  • Isabel Marant Jacket
  • toyshop Boutique flared sleeve Top
  • (old) Topshop Trousers
  • (old) Acne Studios Oxford Shoes


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