The Alternative Gold Hoop Earrings

The Alternative Gold Hoop Earrings The Alternative Gold Hoop Earrings


I have found myself thinking about gold hoop earrings a lot lately. I don’t think i’m the only one with erring on the mind either. It was only the other day that I was on one of my favourite blogs, The Fashion Medley and she had just invested in a pair of gold earrings  (which were gorgeous btw, check out the post Here)  Then a few days after that, I seen that  from Man Repeller was also blogging about hoop earrings. So yeah, there is definitely a spotlight on both gold earrings and hooped ones. The gold hoop earrings that I am drawn too, tend to have a slightly modern twist to them though and so not the classic kind that we  picture when thinking of hoop earrings. I have a found a pair on Whistles that i’m pretty crazy about and the price is equally crazy but most certainly crazy in a good way. They are £30.00 so an absolute bargain if you ask me! I just keep thinking how chic they would look when styled with crisp whites in the summer as well as sharp blacks and neutral beiges. Hmm, think it’s about time I put these in my virtual shopping cart!

What do you think about these alternative gold hoop earrings?

Take care,

Daniella xox




Earrings from Whistles – Here

Images via Pinterest.


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