Day Dreaming: Gucci Slippers For Spring.

Day Dreaming: Gucci Slippers For Spring.





Today is my Mums Birthday, so i’m going to make this post a relatively quick one! Maybe you are fed of seeing the Gucci Slippers or maybe like me, you’re not! I love them like most people in the world of all things fashion and style. Yes, the now famous leather and hair version are still amazing but 1. They are completely out my price range and 2. There is enough street style inspiration out there for me to be happy enough at just wearing them vicariously through others. Anyway I found myself (as you do)  drooling over the AMAZING selection of shoes on the Gucci website, when I found these beauties! I adore them and their beautiful feminine print that is perfect for this time of year. Plus thinking far ahead to Fall and I think they would make a rather cool contrast to heavy knits and leather.

Who knows if I will be able to save for these or not but i’m certainly going to try. Do you like them?

Have a great day,

Daniella xox





Gucci Slippers in Floral Duchesse – Here



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2 thoughts

  1. I love them too Daniella! I have my eyes on these ones and also on the red patterned ones. Let’s hope we receive what I wish for :)))
    Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Birthday to your wonderful mama!



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