Shopping: The Spring Pink Coat

The Spring Pink Coat





After the last few months of sporting my pink faux fur coat, I can say that I am still not ready to part with it just yet. With the weather being on the chilly side, i’m sure there are still going to be days where I can wear it. But feeling anxious about the fact I will eventually have to give up my beautiful pink fur, I started looking for a spring/summer replacement. Because lets face it, it’s rarely very hot here in the UK even in the “warmer months” and a spring coat is a must-have. Now as it was Reiss that provided us with the beautifulness that is my pink fur coat, I thought it only right to turn to them first.

It didn’t take long for me to find my perfect Spring pink coat alternative and like I thought, I found it on It comes in this amazing colour, what they call “Deep blush” which is perfect, as it kinda has a more neutral colour tone of pink. It also comes in, what I call a soft grey, which is also very chic. I actually tried this one on, when I went to my nearest Reiss store back at the weekend. I originally wanted to see the true colour of the pink coat but they only had the Manhattan trench in the grey. I tried it on in a size 8, which had a great fit and I have to say I was somewhat tempted by the grey version because once again it has a soft neutral tone to it. The shop assistant also showed me another piece that comes in the deep blush colour, to give a better impression of the pink coat’s colour and I must say its pretty much what it looks like on the site. Just in case you were wondering.

So yeah, this is next in line on my wish list and next week i’ll some more cool coats that I’ve found.

Hope you’re enjoying your week so far.

Take care,

Daniella xox




Reiss Manhattan Coat (in deep blush) Here


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  1. I don’t know if Boden is a brand that you would consider wearing but they have several pink coats on sale right now.


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