Beautiful Scents: Jo Malone Candle

Beautiful Scents: Jo Malone Candle DSC_5527 Beautiful Scents: Jo Malone Candle Beautiful Scents: Jo Malone Candle




I adore Jo Malone for their scents and like many others, it’s their home candles that I adore the most! This Sweet Almond & Macaroon scented candle is a sweet smelling delight and thats before the candle has even been lit. I’m still burning my Wild Bluebell Jo Malone candle and so I have to wait a little before I light this one. Jo Malone candles are luxurious, there is no doubt about that and they have a price point that proves that. They are that extra bit special and I think they make beautiful gifts whether it be for someone else or a gift to yourself, which there is absolutely no harm in. This candle that i’m sharing with you today was a gift from my Mum but on a few occasions, I myself have turned to Jo Malone for gift giving. I love presentation and especially when i’m paying a little more. Jo Malone are always on point when it comes to presentation, everything from the box and bag that the products come in all the way to the cologne they spritz the gift wrap with. I also can’t help but be rather fond of the black matches they provide along with their candles. It’s these kind of touches that keep me coming back.

Have you ever tried Jo Malone Candles?

Take care,

Daniella xox





Jo Malone Candle – Here



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