Monday’s Mode: Styling YEEZY Season 1

Monday's Mode: Styling YEEZY Season 1 Monday's Mode: Styling YEEZY Season 1 DSC_76872 DSC_7836 DSC_7755 DSC_8058 DSC_78022 Monday's Mode: Styling YEEZY Season 1 Monday's Mode: Styling YEEZY Season 1 DSC_8040 DSC_7992 DSC_77632



I have a been a fan of Kanye West ever since I heard Through The Wire. I know he’s a controversial soul and whilst I may not understand everything he says and does but at the very least i’m intrigued by him and at the most, inspired to think or look at things a little differently. There aren’t many musical artists that manage to entice me with every album that they release but with Kanye West’s albums I find each one better then the last. I always seem to hear people saying they liked his older stuff and whilst I also like his older music, I can’t help but admire the way he challenges himself to make something new and different! I like that he doesn’t just go with what he knows will sell and instead pursues in pushing the boundaries. Though admittedly I have not listened to his new album Life of Pablo because it’s not available unless you have Tidal. So I am unable to comment on whether his latest music continues to evoke the same excitement.

Anyway, it’s not for random reasons to why I’m talking about Kanye west in today post! No, it’s because today I’m wearing this amazing sweater, that is from the Adidas Yeezy Season 1 collection. I wanted it to be clear that my admiration for Kanye West goes way further back then the current coolness of the Yeezy collections. Whilst a lot may not understand the underground vibe of his collections, I personally love it. Those neutral colours, the layers and just the overall understated design of his pieces are all reasons to why I am so drawn to the collection. I understand that a piece like this can be very easily replicated for just a fraction of the price and if it were completely out of my reach prove wise, then I myself would probably DIY it. But for me the luxury is in how non luxurious it looks. There is nothing obviously pretentious about a piece like this. Though as much I as tried to look at this sweater from a design point of view only, I do feel that I must be honest and say that with being a long time fan of Kanye West, that there was a part of me who was a little drawn to the potential of owning something he was behind. I’m a fan and I cant apologise for that.

Take care and have great week,

Daniella xox

My outfit:

  • Beanie
  • YEEZY Adidas – Here & Similar Here
  • (mens) All Saints Leather Jacket
  • Reiss Skinny Jeans – similar Here
  • (old) Kurt Geiger Boots – similar Here




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