Windy Weather Style ft. The Gold Jacket

Windy Weather Style ft. The Gold Jacket Windy Weather Style ft. The Gold Jacket DSC_8578 DSC_85152 DSC_8535 Windy Weather Style ft. The Gold Jacket






This was worn on a particularly windy day, which was something I kept in mind when choosing what to wear that day. I don’t know about where you live but for some reason, everyone is obsessed with giving our strong winds a name! You know, like they do in America when there is a tornado. Which I get I understand, tornados, are like monsters they actually have terrifying consequences but for a strong wind??! I don’t get it. At the very least though, it does bring a laugh. Anyway for this look,  I chose stiffer materials that wouldn’t distort when out and about, nor when taking outfit photos. Even this furry gilet is a surprisingly good piece in the aggressive winds. Yes, the fur blew around a bit but nothing to crazy or disruptive. I usually tie my hair back in these weather conditions or resort to my heavily reliable beanie. But this time I actually opted against my trusty beanie hat and returned to the beret, an accessory I find chic and timeless (check how I styled it last time). Whilst i’m mentioning timeless pieces, can I just point out this gold jacket. Okay so maybe timeless is a strong word but the fact that I’ve had it for about nine years must surly count for something! I must also point out that this jacket was from Topshop all those years ago, proving that it’s not just the designer pieces that can go the distance. Love me a high street goodie that shows it worth.

Ah well, it has been a weird and long week and I am looking forward to (hopefully) just relaxing and doing the things that I enjoy over the weekend. Saying bye bye to those negative vibes and getting back to a peaceful state of mind, which feels far more natural to me. I’m thinking lunch with the boyfriend and making my cookie dough crepes for the family on Saturday evening. Honestly try them, you won’t regret it, they are heaven on a plate!



Have a wonderful weekend, hopefully it will be a sunny one!

Take care,

Daniella xox




My Outfit:

  • MhL. Margaret Howell Beret – similar Here
  • (old) Day by Malene Birger Gilet – similar Here & Here
  • (old) Topshop Gold Jacket – love this HereHere
  • (old) Joseph Top – love this Here
  • Light before Dark Jeans – similar Here & Here
  • Selected Femme Boots – similar Here




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4 thoughts

  1. I love your metallic bomber jacket so much Daniella. It’s been rather windy, but for me I’ve been just keeping a scarf and hat (fedora and beret) in my bag until the warmth sets in. But, I am travelling right now, and a bit cold everywhere at the moment, lol. Wishing you a lovely weekend. Stay positive! x/M
    Spring Style


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