Live For Peace, Avoid The Drama.

Live For Peace, Avoid The Drama. DSC_4500 Live For Peace, Avoid The Drama.DSC_4511 Live For Peace, Avoid The Drama.




Whilst is still on the colder side of things, I am finding other ways to introduce Spring in to my wardrobe. This blue cashmere sweater styled with white jeans seems very spring-like and a simpler way to bring in a brighter pallet.

I consider myself a spiritual person, this is actually a part of me that I would like to share more of on the blog and once I feel ready and confident enough to do so, I will. Anyway I live for peace and try to avoid drama. But it seems the more I try and practice a more peaceful way of living, the more people will try and test me. Most of the time I am pretty good at letting things go, I see my energy as one of life’s precious gifts and wasting it on pointless people and their pointless situations is something I would much prefer to avoid. That said, I am only human and sometimes it’s not that easy. It does honestly surprise me just how many people there are out there who are quite happy to waist their time and energy on the most pathetic and unimportant  things in life and I cant stand it when they try to drag me down that sad road with them. It leads me to the conclusion that they have probably  lead a trouble-free life and so they are unaware that they are wasting their time and that there are more important things in life to focus on. Though with all of this said, it’s myself I am most disappointed with. As a recent situation has resulted in me allowing myself to get effected by it. I now feel like a  hypocrite by writing about something that could easily be perceived as negative on my blog but this blog is an authentic personal style blog and sometimes I need to get personal in other ways. Like vent a little, express how i’m feeling because I guess it makes me feel like I have a voice regardless to whether anyone reads this or not.

Anyway, deep breaths and all that, think I feel better now 😉

Take care,

Daniella xox





My Outfit:

  • Isabel Marant Jacket – love this for Spring Here
  • Jumper 1234 Cashmere knit – similar Here
  • (old) Acne Jeans – love these Here
  • Grenson Brogues – similar Here
  • Acne Studio Scarf




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3 thoughts

  1. Love your cashmere knit, and you look marvellous! I think it’s always best to express your true self, and there are many ways and calibres to do so. I’m glad that you are finding other ways to show your personal style Don’t let negativity consume your bright personality. You’ll shine through it all. Stay positive. /Madison xx


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