Topshop Boutique Floral Prints

Topshop Boutique Floral Prints Topshop Boutique Floral Prints DSC_3730 DSC_36692 Topshop Boutique Floral Prints Topshop Boutique Floral Prints DSC_37232 Topshop Boutique Floral Prints Topshop Boutique Floral Prints DSC_3887





I received this beautiful floral blouse for Christmas as well as the earrings that i’m wearing (i’ll take some better photos of them soon) and I excited to finally show you these photos that I took a month or so ago. The blouse is by Topshop boutique, a department in Topshop that I have bought from for years now and swear by. If you’re looking for something chic, simple or a little bit edgy, Topshop Boutique will surely meet your needs. I love the floral print, it’s got the perfect pallet for winter and spring. The pleating and flared sleeves also make this blouse extremely desirable. I simply adore subtle yet effective details such as these. Styled with the wide leg loose trousers and my navy sneakers  bought proportional play to the look, whilst the pink fur coat echoed the femininity of the print.

Over the weekend we had the most beautiful weather and especially on Sunday! It wasn’t hot but it was clear blue skies and no cold wind. Just lovely weather to stroll around in. On Saturday night we went out to celebrate a dear Friend turning twenty two and even though the whole club scene is far away from what we would normally like to do on a Saturday night, I have to say just being with our closest friends/family was and is something I will always treasure. But can I just say, what is it with bouncers?! Are they just born d**k heads or do they teach them that in the training! And not that I want to single them out but why do the woman bouncers always seem to be worse? or the ones i’ve encountered are. Like, do they feel like they have something more to prove?! I don’t know but I do know it’s one of the main reasons why I dislike those kind of nights out.

Anyway I hope you like todays outfit. Have a great week and take care,

Daniella xox






My Outfit:



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3 thoughts

  1. Beautiful shirt Daniella, for sure a lovely gift! You know I have a thing with prints and also with your pale pink coat. I look forward to see how you style this shirt in this upcoming season.



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