The New Colour Combination I’m Trying


DSC_4427 DSC_4400DSC_43492 The New Colour Combination I'm Trying DSC_4371DSC_4360

The New Colour Combination I'm Trying




The day was a grey and gloomy one but when it came to my outfit, my mood was far from grey. Instead I thought I’d try a new colour combination, well, new for me at least. Pink and orange were my colours of choice with beige working as a neutral in between the two. It’s like the “new” red and pink! A brighter pairing such as this may not seem like a big deal to myself and anyone else within the fashion blogosphere but picture me going to take these photos in the village we live in which happened to coincide with the school pick up time. Giving the circumstances and my attire, it’s no surprise that there were a few odd stares aimed in my direction.

I know some may think that I’m looking for attention wearing something that could easily be considered being a bit out there but it couldn’t be further that. In fact, I can be really awkward and shy when people look and if anything the thought of standing out sometimes makes me want to reconsider an outfit. That is until I remember that worrying about such things is ridiculous, to get over myself and to wear what makes me happy. I do think there is this a bit of a stigma attached to people who wear anything a little outside norm core box in that they must seeking attention but then there is probably equal amount of people who understand it to be exactly what it is, which for me at least is having fun creating looks in a way that encapsulates my mood best.

Can anyone relate to this?

Take care,

Daniella xox


My outfit:

  • Vans Sunglasses – similar Here
  • (last season) Reiss Faux Fur Coat – for Spring try this one Here & love this Here  Here & Here
  • Jumper 1234 100% Cashmere Knit – love this Here & Here
  • (old) Asos Trousers – love these Here
  • Topshop Boots – similar Here & Here



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4 thoughts

  1. Love your color combination! It’s fresh and somehow retro.
    Also great text!! I wish people had more courage when it comes to fashion! Also I sometimes wish I had more courage when it comes to fashion!


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