Going Too Far

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Do you know what I don’t get at the moment? The rise in public unisex toilets that are in restaurants and places alike! Is it not taking the equality subject a little too far?! I am not cool with this situation, NOT COOL and it seems that it’s becoming a common practice now. It seems like a desperate ploy to seem modern and to appear not sexist. Yes, I have considered that maybe just maybe its due to the fact that it’s not just as straight forward as men and women and that there are people of both sexes transitioning. And I get that and have absolutely no qualms with that issue and would stand side by side with anyone who was fighting injustice against transgender. I guess I just like the good old tradition of male and female bathrooms, it freaks me out having to share! God, if I could I would have his and her bathrooms at home I’d be a very happy chappy 😀

I’m just venting I guess, freedom of speech and all that!

Do they have this where you live? Does it bother you? Am I just being over the top? Too many questions, I know and so i’ll but up now!

Take care,

Daniella xox


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