Personal Style & Little Insecurities

Personal Style & Little Insecurities Personal Style & Little Insecurities Personal Style & Little Insecurities DSC_00290 Personal Style & Little Insecurities Personal Style & Little Insecurities DSC_0022 DSC_0100 DSC_0096





I think its fair to say that most of us suffer with insecurities, some more then others (me being one of those people) and for all different reasons. Conquering insecurities is something I personally struggle with. It’s all in the mind and more times then not, they are the consequence of troubling circumstances that we have gone through at some time or another. Some are big, some are small but it can be a daily battle to try and overcome them.

Overall I am confident when it comes to my personal style and I love wearing what I want to wear. I don’t dress for the approval from anyone and whilst my outfits and style can drastically fluctuate, its safe to say that it usually leans on the more man-repelling side of style. Dressing for a man’s approval is something I went against a long time ago now but because my Dad always displayed the fact that he liked women to look, hmm lets say sexually appealing, meaning shorts skirts, tight tops, high heels etc etc. It’s for this reason that I believe I have always had an insecurity about not looking attractive enough when sporting my brogues, wide leg trousers and oversized tops! Though with this said in my heart and soul I do indeed know that I have to dress for me, to have more belief in myself and to know that attractive is far more deeper then looking like sex on legs. Because of the example I was set when growing up, i’ve had to teach myself that sex appeal can come from deeper sense of knowing oneself. A self assured confidence in ones skin can be equally as appealing and that just because you don’t wear tight fitting, body conscious pieces doesn’t mean that my style is not sexy. In fact it might just leave a little more to the imagination, which for some can be very attractive.

Insecurities are a BITCH but I guess its human nature and all I/we can do is try to overcome them day by day with a little self love and self belief.

Take care,

Daniella xox


My Outfit:

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  • Cos Top – similar option Here, Here & Here
  • (old) Alexa Chung for AG Jeans – similar option Here, Here
  • (old) Whistles Boots – love these Here, Here & Here



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2 thoughts

  1. I think we have all been there, I know that I have battled with insecurities regarding my body. I agree with you just because one doesn’t wear typically “sexy” (by the traditional sense) style of clothing doesn’t mean that a woman’s style isn’t sexy per se. I love roomy dresses and sometimes wear androgynous outfits, but I feel great and confident. You look amazing and love your style always. We must first learn to love ourselves because if we don’t why should anyone else? ❤ xx/Madison


    1. Thank you Madison for not only taking the time to read my post but to leave such a lovely comment also. I think you are so incredibly right with learning to love ourselves. I couldn’t have put it better myself. Have a great Friday and a lovely weekend xx


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