The Hoodie Thing

The Hoodie Thing The Hoodie Thing

The Hoodie Thing The Hoodie Thing streetstyle_chiara_milan2_zps5fd3dfeb

/ The Hoodie Thing





The hoodie and I go way back and even though I couldn’t sit here and tell you first time I wore one, I can tell you the first time I remember wearing one. It was a zip up style and it was when I came out of school feeling poorly one day and I was taken to my grandparents house. I was cold and so they gave it to me to wear, I remember it was always hung on the back of the door. I remember feeling a great comfort from it, it was big because it was for a grown man and I was just a little girl at the time and so it felt incredibly cosy to my small self. Fast forward to my teenage years and that was the connection between the hoodie and I really flourished. I used to wear them with low slung jeans and trainers of some sort. I remember being on holiday on Spain and we walked past this shop window front every night and it had a white Adidas hoodie in it and it was the only thing I truly wanted to buy that holiday. But I remember wanting to do something different with it, style wise. I showed it to my parents but they couldn’t understand why I wanted it so badly. Though thankfully my teenage self managed to get my own way and it felt as all was good in the world.

Through the years, I have always picked up the odd hoodie here and there, though mainly for the comfort when i’m lounging  around. On Occasion I have styled them into my looks ( see Here & Here) as I love the challenge it brings. For 2016 I am feeling more inspired then ever to try and work them into some of my looks and that is why i’m sharing my inspiration with you.

Are you a fan of the hood?

Take care,

Daniella xox



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The hoods:

  • Light Before Dark zip up – Here
  • Ellessee via Topshop – Here
  • Vetements sweatshirt Dress – Here
  • American Apparel Hoodie – Here
  • Fila Zip Up Hoodie – Here
  • Yeezy Hoodie – Here
  • Topshop Crop Hoodie – Here
  • Fila Navy Hoodie – Here
  • Vetements Green Hoodie – Here
  • Urban Outfitters Men’s Hoodie – Here & Similar Here
  • Topshop Green oversized hoodie – Here



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Photo credit: The Sartorialist, Pinterest, WWYF, Vetements, Le 21é , We the People 

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