Neutrals, Long Layers & The Need For Change

Neutrals, Long Layers & The Need For Change Neutrals, Long Layers & The Need For Change DSC_2987 DSC_28742 Neutrals, Long Layers & The Need For Change Neutrals, Long Layers & The Need For Change DSC_3007 DSC_27902 DSC_2805 DSC_2993 DSC_2749 DSC_29382 Neutrals, Long Layers & The Need For Change DSC_2966




The other day when I was out walking our dog and I was looking around and it dawned on me just how long we’ve lived where we live. Since I was 12 years old i’ve been walking around the same village. Before that we never stayed in one place for any longer then two – three years and the original intention was never to stay where we are now for as long as we have. When I take Koko out I am hit with nostalgia, every street holding different memories from my long gone teenage years, which helps keep those important memories even more vivid. It’s nice, its familiar and for someone who instinctively feels uncomfortable with the thought of change, it’s reassuring. At the same time, it almost makes me nervous with how long we’ve lived here and gives me the feeling of a need for change. Whilst its home, its never quite felt like home or better yet, where I’m supposed to stay. I long for somewhere more idyllic and more secluded. And I guess it almost frightens me staying in the same place for the rest of life in the same way it frightens me to leave. Ultimately though, I think the need for change of location outweighs the need for it to remain the same.

Before I go I just want to touch on this outfit and how I absolutely loved wearing this!!  The long layers and proportions felt dramatic in a minimalist kind of way. I am also rather obsessed with neutrals, so this outfit felt so right.

Whats the longest you’ve lived in one place for?

Take care,

Daniella xox





My Outfit:

  • Cashmere Beanie
  • (old) French Connection Coat – love this Here, Here & Here
  • Marks & Spencers Cardigan – love this Here, Here & Here
  • Jumper 1234 Knitted Sweater – similar Here & Here
  • Zara Clutch Bag
  • Topshop Trousers – similar Here & Here
  • Topshop Socks – cute socks Here
  • Adidas Sneakers – love these Here, Here & Here



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13 thoughts

  1. I really love these layers and your use of texture! I think my situation is very similar to yours. We used to move a lot, but I’ve been in North Texas for most of the last ten years (I left for a bit, but came back), in the same small town. I’ve grown to love it, and it’s home, but I think I will have to leave again eventually.

    Amber | y a c h t s m a a n


    1. Thank you Amber for taking the time to leave me a comment. I’m so glad you like the look 🙂 I think leaving somewhere to explore around is good even if it’s only to help you appreciate what you have already. 🙂 xx


  2. Daniella I love all the layers and the long lengths you’ve got going on here… The colours are so soft and pretty, I love how they contrast with the tomboy style of the pieces!

    It’s funny what you said about living in a certain place for ages – I realised the other day that I’ve lived in Devon almost as long as I lived in London, yet I still call myself a Londoner (still a fish out of water)!! But change is good, you never know what you may be missing out on if you put off something you’ve been thinking about doing – only if you want to, that is!

    Hope you’re well my lovely 🙂

    Catherine x


    1. Thank you Catherine for your kind comment. It is crazy how time goes by so quickly. Devon is such a big change from London, so it’s no wonder that you still refer to being a Londoner and a fish out of water. I definitely think we will move its just where and when! Enjoy your weekend lovely 🙂 xx


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