Chunky Scarf: The Unintended Statement Piece

Chunky Scarf: The Unintended Statement Piece Chunky Scarf: The Unintended Statement Piece DSC_6825_Fotor2 Chunky Scarf: The Unintended Statement Piece DSC_7086_Fotor Chunky Scarf: The Unintended Statement Piece Chunky Scarf: The Unintended Statement Piece DSC_7046_Fotor2



These photos were taken back before Christmas, I don’t really know why they haven’t been posted before now but here they are. There is a rather obvious piece in this look, the navajo print oversized scarf. Which I didn’t intend on making such a focus but it’s striking piece, it almost can’t be helped. I remember when I first laid my eyes on this chunky piece of goodness and it was weirdly when the boyfriend and I were on holiday in Miami back in September but it worked out cheaper not to buy the scarf there and so instead I waited until I got home to purchase it.

I believe the chunky scarf to be a rather timeless piece just because it’s so striking and not particularly trend driven. So whilst it won’t get as much air time as say, my classic navy scarf, it will certainly always be a special piece to wear, when I do choose to style it into one of my outfits.

Well as the weekend is almost here I wonder what all your plans may be. For us, i’m not sure yet but we were wanting to go and see the new film Creed at some point. Only the third time we have gone to the cinema in the last couple of weeks!! We cant help it if three films that we’ve been waiting a lifetime to see all got released at once, can we?! Though I don’t think any other film this year will reach the heights that The Revenant reached. That film is INCREDIBLE! Go watch go watch.

Anyway, have a lovely weekend!

Take care,

Daniella xox



My Outfit:

  • Clyde dome Hat – love this Here
  • (old) Topshop Denim Jacket – similar Here
  • (old) Knit – great knit Here, HereHere
  • Alexa Chung for AG Jeans – similar Here
  • Cat Boots – similar Here
  • Zara scarf – different but love this Here, Here & Here




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2 thoughts

  1. Yes, it’s such a striking piece, pretty perfect since it’s been so cold lately. What a cosy scarf! I hope you have a wonderful weekend Daniella.I also love the editing in your photos. Beautiful look as always! x/Madison
    FT Kitchen


    1. Thank you Madison. It’s always pleasure reading your comments. It did get very cold where I am but now it’s become very mild again. I actually want it to be a bit colder. Thank you for noticing my photos! Sometimes I like to try something different 🙂 xx


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