Honest Thoughts: When Blogging Meets Business

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The other day I received an email from a company that were basically asking how much I charge for a sponsored article on my blog because they had a client that was interested. I stated my fee but of course said that I would first need to see the product that they wanted me to advertise incase it wasn’t fitting with Lellavictoria.com! They got back to me and unfortunately the product wasn’t right. But I have to admit I did find it difficult turning it down, as this blog is essentially the closest thing I have to making money for myself. And you know what, like a lot of people, I could always do with the money. Could the amount have changed my life? No. But it certainly could have made my month a little easier.

See I am conflicted with it all. Maintaining a level of honesty is something I have always prided my blog in having. I tend to consider my blog as a hobby but somewhat more then that and if I can make money from my hobby, then even better. I have never quite been able to apply a business mind to LELLAVICTORIA.COM because I have always worried that, that sort of mentality might trample the creative a raw nature of it. But as we have seen from other bloggers it is absolutely possible and achievable. I guess I have just struggled to find my happy medium with blogging business.

For me at least, I would find advertising a product that makes no sense to me or my style for money almost ludicrous. Yet in business, you sometimes have to sacrifice a little for the long term effects.

It’s a hard one but I like to go with my gut and if it doesn’t feel right, then it probably isn’t.

Who knows what the future will hold but for now I think i’ll stick to my guns on this one. What do you think?

Take care,

Daniella xox



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2 thoughts

  1. I know exactly what you mean and I feel the same way about it. Sometimes I wanna slap myself in the face for not making my Instagram a little more commercial and not saying ‘yes’ to a few more business proposals.. But I never started my blog thinking it was going to get me rich and famous, I just wanted it to be very “me”. And now that I could actually really do with the money I feel weird about making that kind of switch to my blog and social media channels..
    Your blog is actually one of the very few style blogs I still visit because it’s so pure and so “you” and I would probably have stopped checking out your work if you had taken the obvious money route, like (unfortunately) too many other bloggers have.



    1. Hey Christine,

      Thank you so much for your comment, I really do appreciate it. In fact reading this has reinforced how i’ve always felt deep down. That staying to true to myself and my style is what has always been at the core of this blog. And i’m pleased to read that this hasn’t gone unnoticed.

      I have to say that whenever I have felt like every other blogger has taken a somewhat commercial route and whether I should be thinking the same, it’s your site that has always reminded me that in-fact I don’t have to compromise myself or the dignity of my blog. You have created such a beautifully balanced blog. It’s chic, honest and above all respectful.

      Best wishes xx


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