Star Wars: More Then The Latest Blockbuster

Star Wars: More Then The Latest Blockbuster Star Wars: More Then The Latest Blockbuster DSC_9729_Fotor Star Wars: More Then The Latest Blockbuster DSC_9792 Star Wars: More Then The Latest Blockbuster


As the case is for many, Star Wars is more then just the latest/biggest blockbuster for me! Star Wars and I go way back to when I was four possibly five years old. It was a time when my uncle lived with us and he introduced to me to the original films. He was/is a massive Star Wars geek fan and still had all the star wars toys, which he let me borrow when I was younger. Loving star wars from such young age has always been such a long standing memory for me and I wonder if it’s because Darth Vader was the first bad-y to ever really frighten me?! I remember being in my bed at night and being absolutely certain that Darth Vader was hiding in my wardrobe!! Why is it the things that intrigue us the most that quite often scare us the most at that age?

Anyway twenty-one years later and watching the latest Star Wars movie took me right back to my old five year old self. I was excited, sat up in my chair and my eyes glued to screen. I loved it! I found this one had more of a nostalgic feel to it compared to the last three. I also got to wear my Star Wars t-shirt that Conan (the boyfriend) surprised me with earlier that day.

Have you seen it yet? Or are you not really in to anything that involves Jedi’s?

May the force be with you

Take care,

Daniella xox




My Outfit:

  • (old) DKNY Faux Fur
  • Star Wars Tee
  • (old) Joseph Leather Leggings
  • Ance Studios Scarf
  • Adidas Sneakers



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2 thoughts

  1. Another die-hard Star Wars fan here! And I loved it too, of course there were some flaws (like, how did Rey – that quickly – get that good at everything Luke tried so long and so hard to achieve?!) or the fact that the whole story was almost the same as New Hope, but I guess that was the reason why everyone hated the prequel movies so much, they didn’t look anything like the original Star Wars. It was a great tribute and ballsy enough to start a new story, I can’t wait for episode VIII in 2017!


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