Hairstyles: Today’s Hair Share

Today's Hair Share/Cute Hairstyles Today's Hair Share Today's Hair Share/Cute Hairstyles




I have always loved cute hairstyles and I always want to do more with hair instead of just always wearing it loose. The problem is the time it takes! Like, I don’t want to spend half my day getting ready and the by the time i’ve picked my outfit and done my make up, I often just keep to a hairstyle that I know works and that i’ve done a billion times because well, it’s quicker then experimenting. Even when I done a certain hair style once or twice before there is no guarantees that it’s going to look as good as before. Its like when I take my make up off and wash my face and I always just simply my hair up in a ball of mess that somehow looks rather good yet can never be re-created again! This has always baffled and irritated me. Do you ever have that?

Anyway, I took these photos because I had a bit of extra time to play around that day and I rather liked the end result. It’s no way near perfect and I know that but still worth sharing I think. You may agree or disagree but I find unwashed hair a little easier to style sometimes, would say the same?

Take care and i’ll be back  with a new outfit post tomorrow,

Daniella xox

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