My New Years Contimplations

My New Years Contimplations My New Years Contimplations DSC_55812 My New Years Contimplations DSC_5765 DSC_58242 My New Years Contimplations DSC_5719 DSC_58522 DSC_5698



Even though I don’t tend to make New Years Resolutions, I am still somewhat drawn to the prospect of renewal. Whilst it may not exactly be a fresh start, it’s still a great time for fresh ideas and a fresh perspective on ones outlook. I am always grateful for the time I am able to have at Christmas that allows me to take notice of what is really important in life and what is most in need of my energy. These thoughts and feelings may not last all year long but its good to welcome them whilst they do.

What I have been reflecting on is some peoples lack of zest for life. I have found myself in the company of those, who are far to happy spending time in bed for no good reason. They mistreat their body, over filling it with rubbish that will ultimately only add to their miserable attitude and I find it incredibly irritating to witness. It then effects my mood because it is the parallel opposite to how I approach living life. I like to at least try and get up every day with high spirited, positive attitude. Okay, maybe not first thing because i’m not a morning person but once I’ve had my cup of tea then I do. It’s especially difficult when you know that their life is relatively straight forward, okay so maybe they have the odd stresses here and there but nothing out of the ordinary. I think of how some people are facing very real and unimaginable life problems and even though they have good reason not to smile or have a get up and go attitude, that they still manage to have a visible appreciation for life. Which leaves me wondering why some find it okay to lounge around day after day, looking for their next excuse for getting out of doing anything that might cause them to be vertical for more then five minutes. Or why they might choose to walk around looking like a very sore, slapped arse.

I understand that everyone is entitled to live their life they want to live it and I know I sound judgmental and critical here. But a continual miserable attitude and lazy approach to living are qualities I highly dislike to be around. Not when you have the gift of life. So just to even things up a bit here, what I have pondered over these last couple of weeks is that I also have a responsibility in this. I let it effect me and I shouldn’t and I have to try my best to separate myself from people who bring these feeling out in me. I must respect that it’s who they are right now and that is something I simply can’t control.


Another issue I want to address for myself this year and that is to moan less 😀 And to not allow myself to get pulled into other peoples issues!

Anything you want to work on for 2016?

Take care,

Daniella xox





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