Christmas Sweater Time On Christmas Eve Christmas Sweater Time On Christmas Eve DSC_8198 Christmas Sweater Time On Christmas Eve DSC_8177 DSC_8193 Christmas Sweater Time On Christmas Eve DSC_8120 DSC_8183



It’s Christmas Eve people!!! So excited for Christmas! Lots of family time and the boyfriend has finished work for the next couple of weeks and I am sooo looking forward to spending lots of time with him. One of the best things about Christmas is without doubt seeing my little nephews face and this year I have nephew number two also. The other great thing about Christmas is obviously the food. I absolutely intend on stuffing myself silly with lots of yummy treats.

The Christmas sweater I am wearing in the photos is very old now but it wouldn’t be Christmas without taking it for a spin and so here I am stylingย it with an androgynous twist. The day we shot this, it was mild enough to bare my ankles, saucy I know ๐Ÿ˜‰

Before I go, as much I love Christmas, in the back of mind is always those who aren’t as fortunate as you or I at this time of the year. Those who are homeless, those who live in poverty and those who’s home isn’t a happy one. Where domestic, verbal or any other abuse that may be involved. If you can spare a thought, prayer or the time to see how you can help those who are vulnerable, then do.

Anyway, wishing you all the loveliest Christmas you can possibly have!

Take care,

Daniella xox






My Outfit:

  • (old) Topshop Sweater
  • (old) All Saints Trousers
  • Selected Feme Brogues

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