Those Christmas Touches

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Usually the Christmas Decorations are left to the kitchen, hallway and the living room of our home. But this year I wanted to bring into our bedroom also. Whilst around the rest of the home the decorations are kept to a more traditional tone, with lots of gold, red, green with some extra sparkly touches, for the bedroom I wanted it a little more in keeping with the tone and colours of the room. We found the Christmas tree at Marks & Spencers, I really love the frosted look it has, something a little different to our traditional family tree. My boyfriend made the wooden stars, a couple of which I requested to be painted white. I added a bit of glitter to one of them, for an extra Christmas(y) touch.

I wanted to make my own garland for the home because the ones in the shops take the piss with how much they charge! So I bought myself a plain one (sorry for the bad photo) and some pieces to add to the garland (photo 4). I finally got around to making it, i’ll try and get some photos before Christmas!


Well, I hope you are all excited for Christmas as I am right now!

Take care,

Daniella xox






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