Inspired By Autumn: Yellow Trousers

Inspired By Autumn: Yellow Trousers DSC_1896 Inspired By Autumn: Yellow Trousers



It’s natural territory that comes with having photos taken of oneself, people make it their duty to stare! I’m still uneasy with it but I accept it’s going to happen, not because i’m anything special to look but just because where I live people tend to do and see the same thing everyday (complete generalisation I know but I bet i’m not far off) and so when they something a little out of the ordinary, they are intrigued/nosy I guess. But there is on thing worse then this….kids! Children are awesome don’t get me wrong, they are one of the few pure things that are left in this world but when i’m having my photos taken, they are like my worst nightmare! They are not afraid to say what they want nor are they embarrassed to point out the obvious! Whilst these qualities are actually what makes children so endearing and special, in these circumstances, it’s not! I just want to hide under a rock haha. And that’s it, photos session over if you communicate back to them, they stick around and make it their game to be annoying to the girl who’s having her photos taken. Ahh, the beauty and glamour that comes with being a blogger. 😉

When I wore this outfit, it’s not hard to imagine what inspired it. Looking outside our window with a grand view of all the autumn colours was ultimately what did it. I’ve always been wary of wearing yellow and black, it just seems a little predictable but with the addition of navy and the tanned leather shoes, I felt it somewhat softened the yellow trousers with the black turtleneck.

Take care and wishing you all a wonderful weekend,

Daniella xox




My Outfit:

  • (old) Turtleneck – similar Here & Here
  • (old) Sportmax Trousers – love these Here
  • Acne Studios Scarf – Cashmere version Here & similar Here, Here & Here
  • Newark Loafers – in black Here Similar Here & Here



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