Where There Is Compassion, There Is Strength.

Where There Is Compassion, There Is Strength. DSC_3642 DSC_3635 DSC_3782 DSC_3500 DSC_3674 Where There Is Compassion, There Is Strength. Where There Is Compassion, There Is Strength. Where There Is Compassion, There Is Strength. DSC_3615





I feel I must speak about the tragedy that occurred in Paris last Friday night. I haven’t yet mentioned it, as I find it hard to put into words exactly how it makes me feel inside. I was watching a program on the tragic events a couple of nights ago and it gave me quite a big insight into what actually took place that night. On the program, there was this couple being interviewed who were at the concert that night and they spoke of the events and their experience. What they described sounded horrifically terrifying. I almost instinctively  imagine myself  in that situation and just the thought alone had me choked me up. So how they must have felt that night is almost inconceivable for me and I imagine for anyone who wasn’t there.

The weirdest thing I find in these situations, that sadly happens way to often because lets face it, once is too often! Is the feeling of waking up and feeling like it’s not right that I carry on about my day as if this terrible thing almost hasn’t happened. It’s disturbing and it leaves me with the feeling of guilt. Like I shouldn’t find things funny or fuss about i’m going to wear or worse daydream about what clothes I want to buy next! But at the same time, I know in my heart that the only way I have ever dealt with tragedy or sadness, whether it be personal to me or to the world, is to carry on doing as I normally would. It’s not about being cold, or having a stiff upper lip either. I have my quiet moments where I pray and allow myself to feel the pain but our spirit is what keeps us going. Because I feel if we don’t keep our sense of spirit, we are at risk of becoming embroiled in sadness, hatred and bitterness. We can not afford to get pulled down that path, as that’s what separates us from them.

I know I speak of the Paris events but be assured, I am also aware of all the tragedies that have been happening all over the world! One thing I do take comfort from is seeing all the compassion that there is in the world and whilst that can’t take away from the sorrow, it shows how much strength is out there. I was really touched when I watched this video Here His words are beautiful.

I know this is a bit odd, writing about it in one of my outfit posts but I just wanted to write about it.

If you are wondering, no I am not trying to set a trend that includes dinosaur transfers haha. Nope, I simply have a five year old nephew 😉

Take care lovelies,

Daniella xox

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