Sundays Mood: Cosy Vibes


Sundays Mood: Cosy Vibes Sundays Mood: Cosy Vibes 02ee5356526a924ceed65ca19ae4d33b Serving-dish-667x667





I love the autumn, it so so beautiful and I think we are all in absolute agreement that #cosyvibes is very representative of our current, colourful season. Sunday’s and autumn also just seem to go hand in hand. The autumn for me, is the beginning of good hot chocolates for the next few months and that is reason enough to celebrate this season. Autumn is cosy knitwear, lots of candles, warmer and good old home cooked foods like stews and pies. So today I am paying homage to autumn with a few photos that I came across as well taking some myself.

Tell my some of your favourite things about autumn.

Take care,

Daniella xox



Photo credit: My Own photos, Fash & Chips Blog, The White Company Blog & Pinterest.



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