Dreamers. It’s How The Saying Goes..

Dreamers. It's How The Saying Goes.. Dreamers. It's How The Saying Goes.. DSC_12678 DSC_1237 Dreamers. It's How The Saying Goes.. DSC_1257 DSC_1328 DSC_1167 DSC_1210



Dreams, we all have them. I’m not talking about the dreams we have at night either. I’m talking more along the lines of ideas and visions. I dream and visualise all the time, in fact I spend the majority of my time in my head day dreaming about the places I want to visit in life, the things I want to achieve and the experiences I want to experience. I believe dreams like these are important to ones mental state. Its keeps our imagination alive, it prevents us from putting limitations on our ability’s in life. I honestly believe in the power of visualising what you want in life, it’s something I always try and do when I lie in bed at night.

Whilst this is all good and well, it is no good just being the dreamer, you got to work at it if you want to make those dreams become reality. Recently, I met someone who constantly spoke about all these big ideas he had thought up and how he was gong to do this and that. He told it with such conviction and at first I thought, that’s great, admirable even that he’s thinking bigger. But over time, it came to light, he just did a lot dreaming and gave a lot of chat. He of had the ability to think big but he had no stamina or determination to achieve all that he spoke of. I get it, we can all procrastinate at times but that’s normal.

I guess his short term presence was somewhat of a reminder that like the saying goes, the world needs dreamers and the world needs doers but above all the world needs dreamers that do!

I hope you you like today’s look. I’m wearing this knitted dress by Madewell that I picked up in Miami. I’ve wanted one for a while and I really loved this style. Though it was odd shopping for knitwear in Miami where the temperature is far from knitwear appropriate!

Well, enjoy the rest of your week,

Daniella xox




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    1. Yesss, it really can be so scary! I agree with you that for sure and especially if you’re anything like me and are slightly afraid of change. Thank you for your comment Amber 🙂 x


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