Stripes In Windy Feilds

DSC_5804 Stripes In Windy Feilds DSC_6038 Stripes In Windy Feilds DSC_5816 DSC_6047 DSC_5881 Stripes In Windy Feilds DSC_5995 Stripes In Windy Feilds DSC_5921o DSC_5801



I wanted this post to go online yesterday, like my posts usually do but the weekend was crazy due to this past weekend being full of birthday events for my beautiful nephew! On top of that I’m currently writing this from my bed as I’ve come down with a heavy and horrible cold. So needless to say that I’ve not really had neither the time or energy to post.

I am happy to share these photos that my boyfriend took of me a while back. The lighting is differemt but I love love how it looks and am so very pleased the end result. I also remember being worried about how they would look because of how windy it was that day but this shows how if you play into the wind Β it can bring a dramatic look to the shots.


Take care,

Daniella xox




My Outfit –

  • Zara Knit
  • (old) Levi’s Jeans
  • Topshop Pouch
  • (old) Grenson Brogues
  • Margaret Howell Scarf



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