Tradition, Transition & Todays Look

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I have to say, that the temperature has dropped a fair bit in the last few days. It’s quite a bit colder then it usually is this time of year. I’m worried we that we may have to skip sweater weather and head straight to winter coats. These photos were taken while ago, the very start of the Autumn I think, when light layers was the style format. I don’t really get to much wear out of this linen shirt that I am wearing underneath the knit once the summer is over but it does always tend to make a good transition piece and that’s why you are seeing it here and you’ll also see it in the look I will be sharing on Sunday.

As the weekend approaches, i’m thinking about our local carnival that happens every year. It’s not great, they try sorta with the floats but overall its pretty bad! Though I cant deny that, my sister and I still look forward because it’s a tradition. We have been going to it ever since we were little girls and for us, it really marks the beginning of Autumn and the approach of all the fun events to come, like Halloween, firework night, the towns Christmas light switch on and of course our favourite, Christmas! I know I sound so dorky right now but I cant help it, I love these traditions and the winter can be hard, it’s nowhere as carefree and fun as the summer, so you gotta find something to look forward to. Though with this said, it’s probably unlikely we go this year. My nephew has been a very poorly little boy, the doctors are currently trying to find what’s wrong with him. but still like I said there are other things he can get excited about.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend,

Daniella xox


My outfit –

  • (old) Reiss Fedora – love this Here & Here
  • Warehouse Knit – similar Here & Here
  • Toteme Shirt – Cute Alternative Here & Here
  • (old) COS Jeans
  • Newark Loafers
  • (old) Topshop Clutch


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