Tabard Knitwear & Transitional Footwear!

Tabard Knitwear & Transitional Footwear! Tabard Knitwear & Transitional Footwear! DSC_1629 Tabard Knitwear & Transitional Footwear! DSC_1569 Untitled-1 Tabard Knitwear & Transitional Footwear! DSC_1807 DSC_1657 DSC_1624




My boyfriend said I reminded him of a Ninja, my boyfriends mum’s partner said it looked like I was wearing a bullet proof vest, clearly this Isabel Marant tabard knitwear, is that of a confusing piece. I like that though because at least it is thought provoking, if nothing else. Of course to me, it a lot more then that but i’m just saying that I think that its cool even when fashion or style doesn’t mean a lot to someone, that certain pieces can spark the imagination! And imagination is a huge part of fashion and style, or at least I believe so.

I bought this piece about a year ago and I love that its unique in shape yet subtle and even classic in colour. I agree that layering it over a sleep shirt isn’t going to appeal to everyone but I like the shapes and proportions it creates. You know i’m a fan of socks and shoes and more usually ankle socks with brogues and even though there is no limit for when you can sport this combination, I find it makes a nice transition from summer sandals to with boots.

I hope you enjoy todays outfit and before I go I must say how I love the lighting in these photos, the boyfriend did good!

Take care,

Daniella xox




  • Isabel Marant Tabard – Shop Tabard Knitwear  Here, Here, Here, Here & Here
  • The Sleep Shirt Nightdress – similar Here & love this Here & Here
  • Newbark Bag
  • Selected Brogues – Here


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