Fashion Week Style With Reiss

Fashion Week Style With Reiss DSC_8934_Fotor DSC_8770_Fotor Fashion Week Style With Reiss DSC_8902 DSC_8597_Fotor DSC_8898 DSC_8766_Fotor DSC_8604 DSC_8893 DSC_8776_Fotor DSC_8871_Fotor







I have been so excited to share these photos that were taken on the day I went London during fashion week! One of the reasons I have been excited to share them with you is because of the outfit! I know, shock, right?!

Can we just take a moment and appreciate the furry goodness that is this Reiss gilet! Sooo good! The navy colour, I mean navy + fur (faux fur) it’s like Reiss got inside my style soul and then read my mind. So to say I’m obsessed would be a slight understatement. I teamed the furry goddess piece (yes that’s what I’m calling it) with this beautiful silk bow blouse, that is honestly even more special in person because you can really see all the little details it has. And these high waisted, super skinny jeans, I  actually wore backwards, the zip is supposed to be at the back but I tried it this way and loved the result and no before you ask, it didn’t feel weird or uncomfortable either. I finished the look with my green hat but most importantly this Amazinngg metallic clutch, which set off all the muted colours perfectly. I’ve actually been after a metallic bag of some sort for ages and this one fits the bill perfectly. Not to big, nor to small and well, I love a good clutch.

I did have a bit of a shoe crisis, I couldn’t decided between my boots of the moment and my trusty brogues. As I am a flats kinda gal, the heeled boots weren’t the most natural of choices to me but I loved the 70s vibe they bought to the look. The brogues had a completely different effect on the outfit. They felt more androgynous, understated and chic. So, in the end, I wore the boots but took the brogues with me and a good thing I did because I literally lasted only a couple of hours in the heels! Haha. I’m glad we got to take photos of the look with both pairs of shoes.

Anyway, as I write this I am still in Miami and I’m honestly having a blast! Thought I do look forward to catching up with all the blogs I follow when I get back!

I hope you like today’s outfit!

Take care,

Daniella xox





  • Clyde Hat – love this Here
  • Reiss Faux Fur – Here
  • Reiss Blouse – Here
  • Reiss Jeans – Here
  • Reiss Clutch – Here
  • Selected Brogues


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