Back To those shorts Wearing Days!

Back To those shorts Wearing Days! DSC_7954 DSC_7983 DSC_7963 Back To those shorts Wearing Days! Back To those shorts Wearing Days! DSC_7927 Back To those shorts Wearing Days!





As I write this, I am very much Hoping we safely landed in Miami Yesterday evening! Whilst I am away I will absolutely be intending to update my Instagram as much as possible, I want to document the trip as much I can. As I write this I am currently trying to prepare as many blogposts as I can to cover me whilst I am away. I don’t how successful i’ll be but I am trying my best because I really don’t want my outfits to be anymore backed up then they already are!

Here I am sporting some short shorts and as you can probably tell this outfit was photographed a little while ago. I mean it was badly shorts weather then, let alone now! Even though I don’t really like the concept of style uniforms, I have certainly made a couple of go-to combinations these last couple of months and i’m wearing two of them in this look. 1. being this navy blazer with the sky blue knit and 2. This navy blazer with my Adidas sneakers and as much as I love these combo’s, I must be careful not to get myself caught in a style rut as that can be all to easy when you find a style blend that works so well.

It’s weird that as I write this, my mind is so far away from wanting to wear shorts, as all I can think about is my Autumn/Winter Wish list but by the time this post is actually goes live, hopefully all i’m going to want to be wearing is shorts, light and breezy dress and lots of sun protection!

Take care lovelies,

Daniella xox






My Outfit –

  • Reiss blazer
  • River Island Knit
  • Topshop Shorts
  • (old) Topshop Bag
  •  Adidas Sneakers





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