LFW Street style! Green Is The Colour

DSC_8565 DSC_8493 DSC_8524 DSC_8538 DSC_8556



Though, I didn’t originally plan on spending any time in London during fashion, I am glad I was able to get up there for the day. One of my favourite things about fashion week is the amount of personal and creative style that all comes together in one place! And being able to capture it all through the lens of my camera is certainly a bonus. Seeing the different style, is like hitting a refresh button, it gives me a whole new batch of inspiration and I hope by sharing these photos, it can do the same for you.

I have more photos then what I am sharing with you today but I didn’t want to give you a fashion week, street style overload. The blogospere is probably doing a great job of that already! At the time of selecting and editing the first batch of photos I wanted to post, I didn’t actually realise that in every shot each woman is wearing some sort of variation of green! I don’t know whether I was just subconsciously drawn to green that day or if there was simply a lot of it around?! Either way I kind of like that there is now somewhat of theme to this street style post. Each one of these ladies look stylish in their own way but I was especially drawn to the lady in the first picture. I think her outfit was simply sublime and so beautifully elegant and chic. And i’m glad that it photographs just as good as looked in person.

Hope you enjoy todays lfw street style post!

Take care,

Daniella xx






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