Throwback To Our Picnic With The Ponies

Throwback To Our Picnic With The Ponies DSC_6299 Throwback To Our Picnic With The Ponies Throwback To Our Picnic With The Ponies DSC_6366 Throwback To Our Picnic With The Ponies DSC_6334 DSC_6241 Throwback To Our Picnic With The Ponies DSC_6315-2 DSC_6251 DSC_6182






For my birthday, one of the presents my boyfriend gifted me, was a picnic basket. Funnily enough, only a week before I had actually mentioned to him that I would really adore to have a picnic basket of my own, to which at this point he had already bought me the basket. So needless to say that my statement had filled him with a lot of confidence in his choice of gift. Waiting for the right weather to go out and enjoy a picnic together seemed like an endless battle between the hormonal british weather and I, until one day we decided not to wait any longer and to simply just get out there and do it.

Sometimes when an idea has been formulating in my head for a while, the details become more and more precise. Bringing them to reality in the perfected way I curate them, often means that I cant always match my own standards and with my “perfect picnic idea” location was paramount! I wanted to go somewhere somewhat secluded but picturesque and vast. With this in mind, we remembered that we live about a ten minute drive away from the beautiful Quantock hills of somerset and so this location seemed like a natural choice. I am glad we chose this spot because it was as close to perfect as it could be. We situated ourselves next to what I believe is known as the seven sisters.

It was chilly but thankfully I took along my cape and so I towards the end of our evening, i wrapped myself up in that. Talking about the end of that evening, we witnessed one of the most beautiful surprises of all! A herd of wild ponies came to just feet away from where we were siting, to drink from a puddle of water. Now because my grandparents live in a village by the moors I’ve often seen the wild horses but usually from the seat of our car. Seeing them this close was something else! I was completely and utterly mesmerised by their majestic beauty. They have this overwhelming sense of calm but at the same time I cant help but notice their strength and size. I have never really been into horses per-say, I love them like I love all animals of course but this experience bought a whole new light to this stunning animal.

Well, i’m off to get some rest. I think i’ve picked up a cold or something!

Take care,

Daniella xox





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