On My Way To London!

DSC_9858 On My Way To London! DSC_9814_2 On My Way To London! On My Way To London! DSC_9841_2 On My Way To London! DSC_9797_2 waistcoat-&-Denim DSC_9869







A new week is here and right about now, I should hopefully be on my way up to London for an exciting meeting! I am taking the coach because it’s the kinda cheap you cant argue with, train fairs are simply extortionate nowadays (sorry for sounding like i’m 70 here but it’s true)! Though the only downside is the roughly 4 hour journey it is on the coach and don’t get me wrong, I like time to myself, i’m someone who’s comfortable with my own company. But four hours, is a little much and let’s be honest, boring. Now, I know I could take my iPad, watch a movie or read a good book, flick through some magazines but here is where I am conflicted, it is perfectly fine to take all these things, so in order not to become board out of my mind but then that requires a bigger bag and in turn a heavy bag! Navigating my way round London is intense enough, I just don’t think I want the hassle of lugging around stuff. Here I have myself a catch 22, what would you do?

I should probably mention todays outfit. You know I have been giving the waistcoat a bit of a bravo recently and you have also seen me style this green Max Mara one a few times but even since I bought it, I had been waiting for the opportunity to wear it in minimal way and basically not layered. Like I have mentioned a million times before, our summer hasn’t been something to rave about, so the opportunity was a long times coming. Instead of waiting for the perfect day, weather and so on, I went for it on a somewhat muggy day. Style with my vintage Levi jeans and two tone sneakers and a statement necklace for a nod to both minimal nineties and grunge nineties.

Anyway, have a gorgeous week lovelies!

Take care,

Daniella xox








  • Kenneth Jay Lane Necklace
  • Max Mara waistcoat
  • Reformation Levi Jeans
  • By Malene Birger Sneakers
  • Chanel Bag & Sunglasses






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3 thoughts

  1. This waistcoat is one of those rare finds that will work in every season in every which way plus the colour is right on now that it’s autumn! I adore this forrest green or is it olive? Ahem can we talk about that bag woman! OMG it’s gorgeus!!!
    As for train prices – well just don’t get me started on that minefield 😉
    Next time you go up to London let me know so we can grab a quick coffee x


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