Friends In Style! Sunday Fun

Friends In Style! Sunday Fun

They definitely knew how to rock them some denim! Always Yes, to this classic combo!



Button down cami dress layered over a long sleeve top. Don’t we all want some Minimal 90s chic in our lives?!



Friends In Style! Sunday Fun

Denim, stripes, navy and sneakers, my hero!




Miami beachwear inspiration?




You were so ahead of your time Phoebe! Fun fur be everywhere.


Friends In Style! Sunday Fun

Ross can I kinda raid your wardrobe just a little bit??




Joey appreciating the art form that is layering. Me in a couple of years?! ;D






Friends In Style! Sunday Fun

I like waistcoats too.






I wouldn’t mind a red sweater with stripes, just saying! Okay this Bella Fraud knit will just have to do!






I wonder if she knew this would be every blogger’s go-to look for 2015?




One of those “why didn’t I think of this” moments! Did you know I also like to rock out in basketball inspired pieces?




Yes, to a relaxed shirt and leather trousers! Ross knows it!



Because who doesn’t want to wear black high waisted denim and a high neck top! Plus can we just have a moment for those amazing heeled lace up shoes!


Perfect hair plus cosy sweater time, I feel she just gets me and every other female out there!




She be working that fringing!



Light wash denim and a button down cami, i’m keen!



Story of my life!






Well, I guess we know where The Row got their inspiration from. No wonder I love collection so much, all makes sense now!






I’m continuing to share with you my little Friends obsession with today’s “Friends in Style” blogpost! Last time I shared a clip with you but this time I want to focus on what they had to offer us style wise. I often get my style inspiration from films or tv programs whether it’s style/fashion orientated or not. Meaning i’m not just talking the obvious shows such as Sex and The City or Gossip girl. It can often come from the most unexpected of characters. Whilst I wouldn’t say Friends was the most fashionable of shows when it came to the wardrobes, it would be unfair to say that the show didn’t have any style moments at all. Because I certainly feel that it did and i’m sure I’m not the only one. Many of times I’ve been inspired by the style on Friends and especially with the nineties fashion, an ere that is very relevant to the street style of today almost as much as the seventies revival is.

Taking style inspo from decades gone by and old tv series such as Friends, isn’t about recreating an entire look. Instead I find that it takes a little more dissecting and also adding your own modern and unique perspective. Like take the base and then build around it to make the look your own.

Hope you like todays post. You best do, it took me bloody ages to put it together! Haha.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Take care,

Daniella xox






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