Summer’s Triangl Bikini Part Two

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I mentioned that on part one of this bikini post that I had a few more photo’s from this day to share with you and so here they are. I wouldn’t usually wear jeans to the beach but on the day we went, we weren’t sure how warm it would actually be on the coast and so jeans seemed like an easy go-to option. Teamed with a white shirt but worn open because you know i’m cool like that, my Oakley’s and Birks and I had somewhat of an outfit to photograph. We left relatively late, which worked well for taking photos, as it was a lot quieter. I don’t think taking photos outside the ice cream shop would of worked quite as well with hairy back men sporting their budgie smugglers! Sorry for the visual, but it’s true and you know it. Oddly I didn’t have an ice cream that day but we did treat ourselves to some chips on the way home. Gotta be done! I love that feeling when you get home after spending a day at the beach and you take a shower, wash away the remaining sand that seems to get everywhere and then go to bed feeling refreshed and relaxed, what a feeling!

The Triangl bikini that I am wearing actually came with this cute bag, which was perfect for holding my extra things, like a sweater, phone, purse etc. This is another item that will come in extra handy when we go to Miami (only a couple of weeks now!!!!)

What are your favourite things about beach days?

Take care,

Daniella xox










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