Monday’s Thoughts: The Hair Thing

DSC_5548Monday's Thoughts: The Hair Thing Monday's Thoughts: The Hair Thing DSC_5386 DSC_5534 DSC_5550 DSC_5486 DSC_5479Monday's Thoughts: The Hair Thing






The waistcoat I am wearing is years old, from a time in where I was trying to look Kate Moss at a festival. Many of times, i’ve wondered if I should throw it out but like everything, it finds a way of making a come back. I love how the cream looks with the neutral and the navy and set off by the tanned leather loafers. I have never been very keen on wearing my hair tied back. I like the hair style don’t get me wrong, its more my face I have a problem with! I don’t know, I think it’s because I have more a less always had long hair and i’m used to it always being in my face and so pulling back almost make me feel a little naked, like i’m on show more. It’s weird I cant really explain it.

Do you prefer your hair up or down?




For the Bank holiday weekend We had a few things planned but annoyingly they’ve fallen through. To see out the last bank holiday of the summer, we were getting some friend and family over to play a game of rounders followed by a barbecue but unfortunately the weather has been to unpredictable and so we had to cancel! I guess I knew that could always the possibility but still annoying. The boyfriend and I also wanted to take a trip to Dismaland, which has been made by Banksy which is in Western Super mare but we were a little late on booking the ticket and apparently the queues are madness. They go back on sale on wednesday, so i’ll try my luck again then since it’s not a long drive for us, Wesstern is about half and to forty minutes away. So anyway, instead we decided to start getting ready for our holiday that’s getting closer and closer now. We got ourselves some suitcases, which are good sizes but I just know I am going to want to pack EVERYTHING!

Daniella xox






  • (old) Warehouse Waistcoat – love this Here & Here
  • Reformation Top
  • (old) Carven Trousers – love these Here, Here
  • Newbark Loafers – Here & similar Here
  • Vintage Belt – similar Here





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3 thoughts

  1. What a beautiful look –it’s very flattering and I love the classic touches in your outfit too with the waistcoat. Those trousers are my favourite though, Daniella. I’m off today too, just enjoying relaxing finally! I usually wear mine half up with a fringe swooped to the side. Take care dear. x/Madison
    Foodie Tales & Maca


  2. Ok so these are cullottes? I’ve noticed that they’ve become longer length which I am thrilled about because the shorter knee length does not work on my very skinny calves. We used to call this new length cullottes ankle grazers because they just seem like ankle length trousers, no? I’m confused? You look stunning in this outfit & I adore your hair scraped back like this, with those cheekbones lady…wow!
    Shame about Banksy I’d have enjoyed your review of Dismaland. Last year we took our kids to Paris Disneyland, something I vowed never to do. But when you have a princess obsessed 5 year old it’s hard to resist. Unsurprisingly it was as hideous as I expected, nuff said on that score.


    1. The trousers are old now and I think they were labelled culottes on the site and so I just refer to them as that. They certainly aren’t a typical style of culottes but I think they have a similar shape. Plus I think they were designed for a much taller gal. I think they are actually supposed to fall shorter then this but I always quite liked the ankle swinger length and so I never had them altered. I think they could just as easily be referred to as a wide leg trouser. I get confused with it all too, so many times I’ve seen trousers being referred to as culottes when they’re not, probably because that word is simply on trend.

      Thank you so much for you comment Michelle! I’ve never been very confident with sporting this hair style and so it’s nice to hear you like it. Well, confession here but I actually am a disney fan, sorry to disappoint haha! Though I am very intrigued to Bansky’s perspective of it all through this creation of his. We are still hoping to go, tried to get tickets again but every time I put in my account details, it would say that the tickets sold during the time of typing them in!! Sooo annoying! Maybe the queues will be quieter on a weekday evening. Here is to hoping!

      Enjoy your weekend lovely 🙂


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