Sports Vibes! What You May Not Know About Me

Sports Vibes! What You May Not Know About Me DSC_6881 DSC_6828 DSC_6763 Sports Vibes! What You May Not Know About Me Sports Vibes! What You May Not Know About Me DSC_6940 DSC_6720 DSC_6768 DSC_6758 Untitled-1bball Sports Vibes! What You May Not Know About Me DSC_6944




Back along there was this fluke day, where we actually experienced heat! I know, crazy considering it is the summer. To be honest, that might even be an exaggeration. Anyway I usually wear these old basketball shorts, that were once the boyfriends for just comfort wear around the house but this time I thought it would be quite cool to style them up a little and whilst I was at it, take some photos.

Sports wear, when I think about it has been one of the most consistent forms of style throughout my life. This is probably part due to something that you may not know about me and that’s my inner passion for sports and also my love for comfort. During the time that I attended school, I was really into sports. I loved everything about it, the competitive attitude it bought out in me, learning the essence and importance of teamwork, how it pushed me to better myself and ultimately how fun it was. I particularly loved hockey, rounders and netball. We were just starting to play tennis before I became diagnosed with having M.E but I think I would have enjoyed that too. With having M.E for most of my life now, I have had to look at life’s cup being half full as opposed to half empty but if there is one thing that gets to me the most, its that I miss playing my sports and being able to keep fit and active in the ways that I always used to enjoy so much. But at least I can channel it somewhat through my personal style.



Do you like sports? How do you keep active? Tell me, you know I love to find out about these things.

Take care

Daniella x







  • Oakley Sunglasses – cool pair Here & Here
  • (old) top – similar Here & Here
  • (old) Topshop Chain necklaces
  • (old) Shorts – cool style Here & Here (don’t be afraid just because they’re mens)
  • Adidas Sneakers – similar Here, Here & Here




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3 thoughts

  1. I love playing sport, but since I’ve gotten older I notice that I cannot run as long as I used to — I walk a lot instead. I loved playing tennis, and was in gymnastics, then I ran long distance in school. Love the ease of sportswear, and your look here. Only you could pull off those shorts so stylishly! ❤ /Madison


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