A Birthday Barbecue Flashback!

A Birthday Barbecue Flashback!




A Birthday Barbecue Flashback!


A Birthday Barbecue Flashback!




Okay lets address the photo overload issue first. I know i’ve probably uploaded far too many images but believe it or not, this is the narrowed down version. Second of all, my birthday was indeed a lifetime ago now but since the moving of Lellavictoria wasn’t all that long after my birthday and then the annoyingly stressful #bloglovinproblems, I guess it all just had to be put on hold. But I really wanted to make sure that I shared these pictures with you as it was such a lovely evening and a fair bit of time and energy went into making it all look so pretty.

For the last couple of years, I have been put off the whole typical birthday party decorations thing. I don’t really like the foil/cardboard decorations that can be ordered online that just end up being thrown away almost immediately after. They don’t last very well and it tends to be the same boring designs that are available year after year! For kids it’s different, as what they are in to changes drastically year after year. So instead I like to have fun by getting a little more creative with some DIY’s with the hope that I can use them again. Like the cute jars filled with the lemons and lime. Of course i’ll have to throw the fruit but I can reuse the jars for loads of different things, including holidays like halloween and Christmas.

For the actual birthday barbecue, I tend to prefer an intimate setting to where I’m surrounded by the people who know me best, this way it’s more relaxed. We stared the evening by enjoying some coconut mojitos and tequila sunrise cocktails (my favourites). This was followed by a barbecue, which my boyfriend cooked for us all. After this we laid down some picnic blankets, got our picnic hampers that were made earlier in the day and sat down to watch Grease! I should probably take you back to when I was deciding what I should do for my birthday earlier in the year. I thought it would be amazing to create some sort of outside cinema experience and I didn’t think it could be created but with the help of my mums partner and Conan, it was made even better then I had originally imagined. If you ever get the opportunity to throw an outside cinema party yourself, do it! It is a lot of fun! After a lot of eating, drinking, dancing and most importantly laughing, we created memories that will hopefully last a lifetime. I know it all sounds a little too romantically happy but it was a beautiful evening.

For my outfit, it was all a little last minute. I chose my old but still very chic silk playsuit and my equally old kimono. For footwear I naturally opted for my Newbark leather slides, as they always feel elegant whilst being extremely comfy. I know looking at other peoples family photos can be boring but I just wanted to share with you some special moments.

Take care,

Daniella xox




A Birthday Barbecue Flashback!



A Birthday Barbecue Flashback!






DSC_3653 DSC_3667 DSC_3257 DSC_3835









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