Reformation. Sustainable Fashion Reformation. Sustainable Fashion Reformation. Sustainable Fashion Reformation. Sustainable Fashion DSC_8238 Reformation. Sustainable Fashion Reformation. Sustainable FashionReformation. Sustainable Fashion Reformation. Sustainable Fashion Reformation. Sustainable FashionReformation. Sustainable Fashion Reformation. Sustainable Fashion


A while ago I discovered the online shop Refomation and I instantly got excited with what I was seeing. I don’t often that excited feeling when discovering a new online shopping destination, as there are so many now and most of them early stand out to me. Reformation produce dresses that are especially beautiful though strangely I didn’t go for a dress. Instead, I went for Levi jeans (last seen here)  and these linen trousers that i’m wearing as well as the cute crop top. The only annoying thing about the site, is that it’s based in America and even though they kindly cover the costs of shipping the items, the tax, duties and whatnot did set me back a fair bit, the cost of another item of clothing basically. So I advise, if you can, ordering a couple of pieces to make it all a little more worth while. If it wasn’t for those crazy costs, I think I would have a Reformation addiction on my hands, so maybe it’s a good thing after all. I also love how they practice sustainable fashion and how their products have been made with our beautiful planet in mind.

When I bought these two items, I wasn’t really thinking about how they would look together, I just liked how they caught my eyes individually. But as soon as they arrived, it was obvious that they should absolutely be styled together. I think paired with the classic loafers ( which I swear just get comfier) and my old Topshop bag, it creates a 90’s minimal vibe. A style I have for a long time adored.

I was worried I wouldn’t be able to wear this crop top, as earlier in the summer I suffered with a horrible rash called Pityriasis Rosea which pretty much covered my whole body. It was quite the horrible experience and especially when we were going in to the summer months but thankfully it cleared up over time and touch wood it’s all gone. It did make feel a little insecure about my appearance, which I know may seem a little shallow compared to some peoples problems but I cant help that.

Well, wishing you all a great week. I hope you like the look!

Daniella xox


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Posted by:Daniella Robins

8 replies on “Reformation. Sustainable Fashion

  1. That’s funny how you bought the two items not realizing they’d look fantastic together. You must’ve had a subconscious outfit in mind, I love it! The trousers fit beautifully & hang exactly to the perfect length. The bag is a classic & works a dream punctuating the relaxed oatmeal colour.
    I’ve also been stung by the import tax man once when my friend from Australia sent my birthday present last year, would you believe I had to pay £25 extra!!! When I wrote a letter explaing it was actually a gift (I included a copy of my birth cert with the post reciept) they sent me an apology & refund cheque for £1.25….not a joke *grrr*


  2. Thank you Michelle! The trousers do have a beautiful fit, though they don’t exactly fall to the perfect length. But it’s amazing the illusion that can be created with some safety pins 😀

    I cant believe they charged you £25 for receiving your own birthday present!!! I always thought if it was a gift, that they didn’t charge?! And the fact they refunded £1.25, well, thats just insulting!


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