New Season Thoughts: Inspiration Or a Pressure ?

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After taking a time out with July’s issue of Vogue Magazine, I am left contemplating  fashion and some of it’s aspects. Even though it’s only August, I am slowly starting to get that mixed feeling that fluctuates between excitement for the upcoming season but also that pressure to start buying and wearing the New Season clothes. No one actually physically forces that feeling upon me but it’s there. I think that’s a downside in fashion, it can have this way of making you feel like you’re one step behind and you gotta buy this, that and the other to keep up!

Though in saying this, over the years as i’ve concentrated on choosing personal style over trend driven outfits, I have learned to quickly overcome this feeling. A feeling that i’m sure many of us feel, like we must keep up! Instead I choose to focus on the more excited emotion that I mentioned earlier. Because the notion of the new is exciting and at the end of the day fashion should be fun, with no rules and there to make it your own. Be inspired by the magazine editorials because inspiring their readers is something that I think they ultimately want to achieve or so I believe. I love shopping for new season items early, mainly because that’s when all the best ones pop up but if I feel like still buying something summery in August, then funnily enough thats okay too. I guess what I am trying to get across, is to make sure it’s your desire to shop new season and not because you feel you have to! Shopping should be fun and enjoyable, not because you think it will keep you relevant.

Tell Me what you think about this? Do you get inspired by all the new season pieces and editorials in July/August? For me, not so much July but August YES!

Take care,

Daniella xox


  • (old) Warehouse Cardigan – Similar Here
  • River Island Knit
  • Alexa Chung for AG Jeans Denim Skirt – New Season Style Here & Here – Similar Here & Here
  • Adidas Supercolour Sneakers – love these Here & Here





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4 thoughts

  1. Firstly can I say that black & white shot is stunning!
    On your question, I’ve been quite thoughtful in my purchases since I became aware of the environmental & human impact of the rag trade. So I try to keep my buying to a minimum, avoiding the low price mass market & buying 2nd hand where possible. Having said that I do get a thrill when the new season comes around & I can wear my old stuff again…perhaps in a new way or altered to look different. For example I have a very old button through, knee length Chloe skirt that I took up to mini length last year. Now it looks just like the one you’re wearing here & has a whole new lease of life!


    1. Thank you so much Michelle!! You’re to kind 🙂

      It’s refreshing to hear your approach to clothes, style and fashion. I think so many people forget about their older clothes and how it just takes a little imagination to bring them back to life again. Thank you once again for your comment. x


  2. I like this buttoned denim skirt, and cardigans are also always great separates to keep wear. I’ve worked in the fashion industry for over a decade, and sadly that’s just how fashion and marketing is for seasonal glossies, but it doesn’t mean that you have to follow it. I pretty much wear all of the garments that I have these days, and only buy when I absolutely need to or if I’ve donated a sum of pieces. But, I hardly follow many trends, even though I still love the overall inspiration. :).


    1. Thank you Madison for your comment. It must a real eye opener to have worked in the fashion industry. Even though you don’t shop so much now, it’s nice that you can still be inspired by fashion. 🙂 xx


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